Which Site is the Best One?

I was looking online at all of the different sites there are to use coupons to save money either by buying something online or by using printed ones at the store. I usually went to the store to buy clothing as I could only find coupons in store circulars but now that we have the internet, using coupons is so much easier. I am also using a ton of coupons online, leaving me able to shop online and I like doing so from the comfort of my bedroom. I like going to http://firefinance.blogspot.com/2007/02/office-max-coupon-codes-30-off.html to get great office max coupon codes that save me money. What’s great is that once you sign up for their free card, you can earn points and even earn more money off your purchase in addition to using the coupons.

If you go to certain websites, they will have the coupon codes arranged by stores in alphabetical order. Some online sites also arrange the stores by specialty or by the type of store it is. I like looking at one specific website where you could actually search for a store and go to that store’s web page on their site. Once you are there, you can see all of the coupon codes available for the store and even see when it was last successfully used. I like to be able to see the comments left by others who have used the coupon codes to see whether or not they work. Some people will give additional information in the comments section, and it’s great when they tell you if you can stack one coupon with another. Usually they will give you the additional code to stack with the one that is listed on the site. I usually will leave a code once I find a good one.